I’m so happy you’re reading this, which I wrote with all my love. It’s extremely satisfying to have worked all these years with hundreds of people, accompanying them on that journey inwards that fills you with serenity.

I’ve created a great many meditations over the years. Each person needs a different method and different support, depending on how far they have progressed in their personal development.
When I was on the high seas, crossing the Atlantic in a 12-meter yacht in 2015, I took with me one of the books by Dr. Cayo Martín Valencia, La maquina del ser humano. As well as reading it and making notes in the margins, because it’s a book to be studied and to go back and re-read, I started to create meditations based on that book, particularly subject 22, which discussed the 7 I’s.

These meditations will help you focus on each of your 7 body segments, with each inhale and exhale, unblocking any blockage you might have, consciously or unconsciously. You will learn how to locate them and what is inside each one, and you will learn more about that machine in which your soul is carried.
I now have those for the spinal cord, breathing at the 13 joints, and many more that those who come to me can enjoy. They are currently in Spanish, and I’m working on providing them in English.

In private sessions only, I’ll guide you in English or Dutch. What’s more, you can meditate with me with the inner smile, the microcosmic orbit of Mantak Chia, among others.

At times like these when work is online, I’m offering individual and group meditations via zoom or skype. Send me an e-mail via the contact form, or email directly to silviabaars.therapy@gmail.com to come in contact with me.