TNDR Massage

This massage is considered as preventive medicine, works the psychic and the physical. We apply the massage on blockages generated in the physical body either by external cause or by internal cause, getting the two parts to heal.

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Deep Tissue Massage

This is an excellent treatment for those with muscle pains, cramps, excess toxins that can not be eliminated due to lack of oxygen in the muscles, and/or lack of calcium or magnesium. I use different techniques of kneading strokes, stretching, precise deep friction movements that liberate the muscles of tension and pain. This massage is recommended for athletes, but also for all workers who perform a repetitive mechanical action and have bad or poor postures.

Reflexology Therapy

This treatment stimulates points and areas of both feet. The reflexology massage acts on the systems of the body as well as the distal meridians of the organs massaged. It is perfect for people with stress and anxiety. The massage also provides benefit for people with insomnia, general pains, migraine, constipation, circulatory problems, and more. Reflexology is gratifying for the whole body and mind.

Pinda Sweda Massage

This is an exquisite Ayurvedic massage and treatment with hot oil and hot “pinda's.” These bags of linen or cotton carry herbs and powders inside. When pressing them on the body and leaving them on strategic points, they get to oxygenate, drain, tone and relax the body completely. This massage purifies the channels and carries the toxins out through the sweat. Also, the heat of the bags makes your body absorb the medicinal properties of the herbs. It takes you to a deep relaxation. Specifically, it is very good for people with fibromyalgie, disorders of the central nervous system, anxiety, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammations.

Holistic Massage

This massage has my personal soul. I have designed this massage as a healing balm, it combines ayurveda, digital pressure and deep tissue massage. I select the oils according to each person’s needs and they are prepared as medicine. The digital pressure is deep and the strokes are soft according to the person’s complexion I use different flowers, tree barks and/or spices that combined relax your muscles, they make your blood flow and especially, they are a joyride for your senses. I always take into account the person’s preference for the flower/herb to be used, if the person has allergies and/or a pathology that could interfere with the selected oil.