I started looking for balance exactly 27 years ago and I have been working on it every day since then.
Today, I firmly believe that balance is achievable, it brings inner peace and satisfaction. Moreover, it is a daily practice, a way of living and being.

For me meditation was one of the keys to reach balance.
The triple spiral and blue
Blue because it is a color with which I identify; looking at the sea and blue sky always gives me peace, I feel safe, it balances me.
In addition, the triple spiral is the PSI Corps, the emotional and physical together and in equilibrium. The human being is that. If we are aware of the three spiral, then the road flows, it is easier and better.
The spiral is a constant in my life since I was very little. I was very curious and I always observed the snails, the swirls, the waves, the galaxy, the human ear. As I grew up, I saw it all, in the animals, vegetables, marine world, in the sky, in my astral travels, in the sacred geometry, in the history, I saw it in the Aztecs, Incas, Egyptians, in the rock art. The spiral represents the life and the death, it represents also the goddess of the Matrix, and the continuous change. I other words, it means transformation.
The story says that the spiral showed us the light in the process of evolution of growth.
It is found in the DNA, in the ears, fingerprints, in nature, in the waves, the tornadoes, and I could go on and on.
In my work with Ayurveda massages, I learned the marma points, which is the nadins or the spiral.
The spiral for me essentially means that the path is inward. Throughout the years, I have been speaking about this concept to many people.
Deep inside, there is an infinite world that has no end and you have to dive and dive and when you finally think you got somewhere, an abysmal door opens again, you may see dark, but if you keep going and you are not afraid, then the light comes back. It is a fantastic universe worth exploring inwards.

I recommend you try meditation…
Your whole life can change for you. You can learn who you are, obtain calm and stability beyond the house, the car, the race and all the titles and medals that the society insists that we must hang on the wall.
Remember: we are just beings who came to be happy and to learn, we are ephemeral.