TNDR is a series of knowledge and natural unblocking and regenerative techniques that, applied with its response protocols in a logical, orderly manner, enables us to solve the imbalances present in the people who consult us. The solution is cheap, natural and effective.

All painful symptoms in those who consult us are accompanied by lines and knots that we call TNDR blocks. We locate them precisely, as each person confirms. In addition to the examination on the bed prior to the massage, a series of questions and a photograph of the tongue are used to study the case and advise which type of foods should be avoided and which should be eaten. I also teach patients how to breath correctly. I teach them the importance of being in sync with their body, and the relationship of the mental, physical, and emotional being, which are constantly intertwined, and whatever affects one will affect the others.

It’s fantastic to see fast improvements when you involve the person receiving the massage in your work. You tell them that there is a reason behind all pain, and you immediately see how your words resonate with that person. It’s our obligation as NATUROPATHS to teach our patients how to learn more about themselves and to have a better quality of life, always using natural methods.

What’s more, in my case I love teaching and it’s something that is innate to me and that fills me with satisfaction and
joy. I’ll continue to share interesting material from time to time with you in my blog.

See you soon and let your day flow. Silvia.