I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
However, I grew up in Libertad, a little town 50 kilometers from the capital city surrounded by nature.
My first introduction to meditation was in 1992 when I visited a center for yoga, meditation and knowledge of the self, located at Millan and Castro in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Here, I discovered that meditation has a positive impact on both body and mind.

In 1997 I started my great connection with reflexology when I studied reflexology as part of massage therapy. I was introduced to the pioneer of this finger pressure technique named Tojuriko Namikoshi who was the founder of Shiatsu. This therapy has been part of my life ever since and had great satisfaction from it.

Time went by and all of a sudden, Ayurveda comes my way. I had another opportunity to learn as a person and as a professional. Ayurveda came to my life in 2009 and stayed to be part of it. In 2012 I was introduced to TNDR. A natural, curative and preventive massage technique, used in specific areas where you may have energy blockages. This had a deep repercussion on myself.

After all these years, I still love my work and continue to learn within my profession. I dedicate my time to help others feel more relaxed within their body`s.

It is rewarding to provide you with tools to help you know your body and see the results when we work together.
We are energy that flows, that is always moving. If for some reason that energy is blocked, the body starts to get sick. If we reestablish the flow, treat the body as a whole, then the tissues get reestablished, providing our body with vitality, the inflammation is reduced and the pain goes away. In the same way, we get a clear mind and a sense of harmony will cover your body bringing complete relax to your whole body.

Shall our mind, heart and feet walk together…