Reflexology Therapy
This treatment stimulates points and areas of both feet. The reflexology massage acts on the systems of the body as well as the distal meridians of the organs massaged.
It is perfect for people with stress and anxiety.
The massage also provides benefit for people with insomnia, general pains, migraine, constipation, circulatory problems, and more.
Reflexology is gratifying for the whole body and mind too.
I studied podology back in the 90’s. The feet always fascinated me. I have worked with patients either doing podology or reflexology half of my life. Especially with people of the third age. Through my work, I can see the change on a person’s feet. It is awesome to see how they feel, their vitality, their faces without pain. I cannot describe the feeling.
I invite you to try this technique, I one session, you will see the difference.