Today, I will explain very briefly the power of two of the plants that I use in my massages and that you can also use at home.

ROMERO: Official Name: Rosamrinus Officialis
Rosemary is a very generous plant that we use in our kitchen; it is so generous that it gives us a lot more uses. Its oil is obtained from the flowers and leaves.
One of those uses is in massages. We will use a few drops in our massage. We will treat joint pains, muscle pains, as well as breathing problems, nervousness, rheumatism, liquid retention and constipation among others.

It helps to stimulate mental activity, it is invigorating, energetic and anti-inflammatory. Thus, during the massage will relax your muscles.

NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant women, epileptic or people with high blood pressure problems.

LAVANDA: Official Name: lavandula angustifolia
Lavendel is a beautiful flower and a balm for the senses.
Properties and uses sedative, anti-depressant, analgesic, anti-spasms, and antimicrobial.
I usually use it as a sedative, relaxing, for nervous system problems and decontracting-relaxing muscles.
Always use only few drops

Not recommended for pregnant women, people with very sensitive skin, or people taking antidepressants as together increases drowsiness.

More plant articles to come!