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I am Silvia and I welcome you to my website!

Here I hope to show you a little of what I have to offer as a naturopathic TNDR massage therapist in order to provide a better quality of life for you.

In my massages I invite you to free yourself of emotions that damage and block the main systems in your body. Also, I invite you to be conscious of your body, of how the repetitive use of a movement and/or hiding of emotions will injure your body.

I have always believed that the body, the mind and our emotions are related and their balance is needed for every human being to be able to function, to flow and to live fully. As a naturopathic TNDR massage therapist, when interacting with a patient I can feel that relationship and correct it if needed.

“I simply close my eyes to see”

More: How I found my passion for massage

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"Silvie has treated me a few times as I suffer from Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fybromyalgia. The massage is a benefit for my body and the next day my body feels totally relaxed. She is a very special person and her treatments are amazing."


"I got a full body massage from Silvia and I have to say, I felt very comfortable afterwards. It was very interesting to hear as she massaged my sole and told me which organs work very well. Silvia is highly recommended and I always like to go to her."


"As a High Sensitive Person it was really difficult for me to find someone who could massage me without me feeling the stress of the person massaging me. She helps me tremendously with some of my back and neck problems from a whiplash and I feel loved and accepted by her touch. For me Silvie is the most passionate and dedicated massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know and I would recommend her without question."


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